Thursday, 27 June 2013

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Surprise going away party
The surprise was so secret even Elder Heninger didn't know, he came late.

Amazing and delicious

The words on the paper behind us said"We love you and we will miss you"  It was so special.

Goodbye's are always hard when you probably will never see each other again.  One sweet member said-goodbye I'll see you in heaven.

Our friends in Sibiu

We have come to love so many wonderful people.

We won't have trouble saying good bye to the bad roads and crazy drivers, but we will sure miss this great Mission President. A large pot hole blew the tire on President Hills car. Elders to the rescue.

I can't possibly post pictures of all my new friends,  but we are so happy about all our experiences.

Aishwaryarai Crina's photo.

By the way I finished reading my Romanian Book of Mormon.  It was a good job done.  It helped me in understanding when others spoke in church and around.  I'm happy I did it.

We are looking forward to an evening with the Mission President and his wife and sharing our final thoughts with them.  What a privilege to be the Lord's servants for two years here in Romania.  Of course we will never be the same.  The gospel is true and God lives and watches over all His children.      We are very thankful for divine protection, safety,  our experiences and knowledge of the truth.  We look forward to seeing friends and family and connecting again.

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